Gratuitous Posts of Cute Babies: Part #3

This cutie pie comes to us all the way from Rwanda! Catie and her husband Neil recently built a house in Kigali… and their toddler definitely wins our award for the most global Mamajamas model. Isn’t he a doll? If you’re interested in seeing a Mamajamas list that has a more worldly perspective, definitely check out Catie’s here. It’s great!


The next adorable boy comes from Amanda, who is not only a talented photographer, but also Assistant District Attorney for Suffolk County, Massachusetts. She’s so wonderful and bubbly it’s almost hard to imagine that she deals with criminals for much of the day. I’m guessing her weekend side gig photographing cute babies and weddings must feel like a nice counterbalance to her day job.


Amanda always does our family photo shoots. And you may recognize her little guy as a regular Mamajamas model (yep, that’s his baby photo on the Mamajamas facebook page banner). And Amanda’s Mamajamas list is also one I often send out to people looking for super stylish gear.

So if you live in the Boston area and are looking for a fabulous photographer, who has a sense of justice as well as an eye for style, check out Doubly Happy Photography. Not surprisingly though, she’s a woman with little free time these days, so she books up fast.

Gratuitous Pictures of Cute Kids: Part #2

Today I’m featuring the beautiful babies of two Mamajamas members, both named Amanda.

Here is Amanda Herzberger’s sweet little baby girl. Amanda lives in Vermont, and tends to go with eco-friendly products when possible (check out the sleeping category of her Mamajamas list for great suggestions on bedding). Amanda is a photographer (so no wonder these pictures are so professional-looking). You can see more of her photography here.

The next Amanda, Amanda Hansen, was actually my college roommate at Wesleyan in Connecticut. My how times have changed since we struggled to make it to our 9:30am classes (or maybe that was just me?!). Her little guy is so sweet and mellow. Amanda has a great Mamajamas list here. She also leans green when it comes to gear (she spent years at the State Department working on climate change issues so how could she not?!), and has lots of great baby clothes suggestions.


Gratuitous Photos of Cute Kids: Part #1

Here is Mamajamas Member Jake Munz’s adorable baby boy rocking a little Mamajamas onesie (check out his Mamajamas list here). His front is kind of scrunched in the picture but it says “I will grow out of this quickly” which I found to be oh so true with my son’s baby clothes…

Jake_Front Jake_Back

And here’s a picture of my two adorable nephews in their little Mamajamas onesies (and I encourage you to check out my brother’s pretty hilarious Mamajamas list here).

DSC_0691 DSC_0704

By the way, I’ve loving the Mamajamas dads representing here! And aren’t their kids the cutest things?