The Mamajamas Baby Registry Is Born!

Today Mamajamas is launching a universal baby registry, and we wanted to share our bundle of joy with you! Over the past year, thousands of expecting parents have come to Mamajamas seeking product recommendations from like-minded mamas (and some papas). But we wanted to make things even easier.

So we spent the last few months building the mother of all baby registries, and now, when you come to Mamajamas, you will be able to:

  • Use our recommendations engine to build your registry
  • Add baby gear from anywhere on the web with just a few clicks
  • Get ideas from other new parents
  • Copy a registry from a friend, and modify it
  • Fold your laundry (Nope. Just seeing if you’re paying attention.)

Try out our registry here, and let us know what you think!

And Happy Holidays! Your help and support have helped make Mamajamas a success this past year. We are very grateful.

Important Prep for Parents To-Be

parentpreoAsk anyone, and the answer will be the same. Parenting AND Marriage… take work, and likely lots of it. Alongside life’s greatest joys, come challenge, stress, guilt, tears, worry, fear, compromise, doubt, and learning. I don’t say this to discourage the weary, or swallow the bliss, but simply to embrace reality and help others prepare as much as they can as a couple before their family expands.

No matter your age, your degree, your confidence or parenting prowess, talking pre-baby about how it will rock your world (and bank account), is so healthy and truly a must! Where to start though?

Here is an activity I can recommend as a great way to break the ice. Make it a “romantic”  date night .. or plow through it practically with laptop and lists in hand.

WHO:    BOTH parents. Speak individually, but share as a couple.

WHAT:  Brainstorm a list of things you liked and disliked about how you were raised and parented.

WHEN:  Pre-baby is a great time to start, but it’s never too late.

WHY:  By simply rattling off memories, you may end up honing in on actual practical parenting “yays” and “nays” you and your partner can run with (i.e. you loved family walks after dinner or game night, or hated hearing fights about money).

Sometimes too theoretical to agree on the kind of parents you wish to be, or the type of kids you hope to raise. That can also is the easy part.. Who doesn’t want well-behaved, curious, kind, independent and big-hearted children and a healthy marriage encapsulating two individually fulfilled, happy and content spouses?

Like with any goals, the hard work is in the details and all the baby steps and decisions along the way. Hopefully, this activity sets the groundwork, encourages healthy and productive conversation and helps makes “the work” that comes with parenting and marriage fun and rewarding all the same!

By Christy Mraz
Christy Mraz is mom to an almost one year old baby girl. She’s also the most recent addition to the Mamajamas team. She is the eyes, ears–and typing fingers–behind our social media. A self-proclaimed foodie, addicted to cookbooks and Epicurean magazine, she’s very excited about contributing recipe ideas for baby and busy families…. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and you’ll see (or rather read) a lot of Christy.
For great gear recommendations from Christy, check out her Mamajamas List.

Add Anything from the Web to Your Mamajamas List with Two Clicks

Now it’s incredibly easy to make a Mamajamas List and share your baby gear recommendations with pregnant friends and family.

Get the new Mamajamas Bookmark!


1) Simply login to your Mamajamas list.
2) Drag the Mamajamas bookmark icon up to your browser.
3) Go to your favorite baby product’s webpage anywhere on the web.
4) Press the bookmark and voila! You can easily add it to your list.


New Mamajamas “Expert” Lists!

Today we’re launching a couple features that make it easier for you to find awesome Mamajamas lists.

You can now find lists of recommended baby gear from top baby experts. Just look for the yellow bullseye bullseyenext to their name when you’re looking for lists.

Who are our experts? Only Mamajamas vetted professionals working in the pregnancy and child development space or super knowledgable Mamas (or Papas) working/blogging in the new parent space.

For example, you can now find and follow:

Kara Engelbrecht, Amazing Bay Area Homebirth Midwife

Erin Evans, Top Harvard Sleep Doctor

Rachael Fanopoulis, Founder of Mommybites Boston

Lisa Schiavoni, Child Psychologist Extraordinaire

You can also sort lists by popularity, first name of the list creator, and when it was last updated.

And remember, following lists allows you to get notified when they review new products!



Your Mamajamas List Can Now Help Your Laziest of Pregnant Friends

Today we launched the ability for your friends to copy your entire Mamajamas list onto theirs with one click!

Now when I send my Mamajamas list to my pregnant friends, they can simply press the “Copy List” button off of my list, and voilá, baby gear problems solved!

Obviously, they may not want EVERYTHING I recommended (maybe my Himalayan Salt Lamp is a little too weird for them), so after copying my list, they can then customize theirs as they see fit (by looking at other Mamajamas suggested lamps, adding, deleting products, etc. etc.).

But for some folks, they’re cool just trusting you all the way (and possibly your hours of research). It takes time to think about baby gear.

So I say, share your list and encourage your friends copy away!


Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves — Now You Can Filter Mamajamas Lists By Age

We’re continuing to make improvements to the site based on your feedback. A bunch of you have asked for the ability to filter Mamajamas lists by age. We thought that was a great idea, and, well, now you can!


  • Use the new age range drop-down on your list to figure out what you need to be thinking about right now, as opposed to what you’ll need later on.
  • It’s also easier to get ideas from lists shared by Mamajamas members by filtering them to see only what you need now.
  • New bonus use! Got a kid’s birthday party or baby shower coming up? Browse lists by the appropriate age to get good present ideas!

Oh, and by the way, we’ve changed the way our blog looks too! Hope you like it as much as we do.

Mamajamas Launch Update — Thank You!

A photo from Rick's (my amazing designer's) desk in Japan.

Just a fun photo from Rick’s (my amazing designer’s) incredibly clean desk in Japan.

Mamajamas has been up for a full week now, and I want to thank all of our fantastic new members (as well as old!) for making the launch a huge success.

Please keep all the amazing feedback coming.

Based on your suggestions, we’re currently implementing and will release soon:

  • A way to filter your list by age range.
  • New privacy controls.
  • Even better, even more personalized, suggested products.

If you have other ideas of features you’d like to see please leave a comment here or contact me directly.

And congratulations again on your journey into new parenthood!

Introducing Mamajamas — A New Website for New Parents!

mamajamas_homepageAnd, we’re live!

Today I’m excited to launch Mamajamas–a site that helps expecting and new parents figure out what baby gear to get by sharing lists with each other.

Mamajamas was born out of my own experience figuring out what to buy while pregnant with my son. I spent hours online researching and sifting through long emails and spreadsheets from my parent friends. I felt like there must be a better way to do this.

If you are an expecting or new parent, Mamajamas gives you a personalized list of baby gear, allows you to customize your list and manage your purchases, and then share your list with others.

The ultimate goal of Mamajamas is to help new parents buy only the stuff they need. And also to help them spend less time thinking about stuff, and more time enjoying pregnancy and new parenthood.

Here’s my list of gear that I recommend.

I hope that ultimately, Mamajamas will make the lives of new parents just a little bit easier during an exciting, but often overwhelming time. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

New Mamajamas List Design Launched

We’ve spent a lot of time taking in suggestions from private beta users over the past couple months, and today I’m excited to announce we’ve completely revamped the mamajamas list-making experience!

Here are some of the highlights of the revamp:

  • New list prioritization (distinguishes between “must haves” and  moreoptional items)
  • Rate the baby products you have tried
  • Add quantities when you need more than one item
  • Find your friends already on Mamajamas
  • Easily invite friends to join via facebook, gmail, and email

We’re going to spend the holidays getting another round of feedback from the beta group on the new design, and pushing out some exciting new features, and then we’ll be ready to launch in early 2014!

Mamajamas Launch Update

So the private beta has been going really well. We have lots of users now and have been getting great feedback from many of you.

We’ve been working hard to incorporate all of this input to make the site even better.

We  recently launched a way for users to find other parents who have Mamajamas lists, and invite their parent friends to make lists. See below for a preview, or if you’re a Mamajamas private beta user, check it out live on the site.


Some of you have asked when we’ll be removing the site password and launching publicly.

We’re currently working on an overhaul of the “making your list” experience that I’m really excited about. We should be ready in a few weeks. As soon as we roll that out, we’ll plan to officially launch. Can’t wait! In the meantime, keep the feedback coming! It is so helpful.